Original Image: Digital Analytics Appliance, 40B SDD Storage

Digital Analytics Appliance, 40B SDD Storage


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  • Self-Learning Video Analytics For 3rd Party Analog & Thermal Security Cameras

    The RialtoTM A4 analytics appliance provides a cost-effective way to easily add video analytics to analog video surveillancesystems. Analyze and record up to 4 security cameras per unit. The high density, small footprint makes it easy to deploy and scale,and there are no complicated per camera license fees or registration processes. The A4 is a fast and easy way to add realtimeresponse capabilities to any analog video surveillance system

    Enhanced Features

    Audio Channels

    • Multiple audio inputs and outputs allow for flexibility in designing a system adapted for alarm response

    Onboard Storage

    • Every device comes with storage, eliminating the requirement for extra equipment

    4 Channel Layout

    • Single chassis supports multiple cameras, including a mix of Day/Night, Thermal, etc.

    Power Options

    • 12VDC, 15 Watts with 110V/60Hz and 220V/50Hz power adapters