Introducing the Peplink B One 5G! Available now

April 8th, 2024

What’s more exciting than having an upgraded version of your favorite Peplink SOHO routerGetting built-in 5G on top of it! 

  • Just power it up, and your network is 5G ready.
  • Instantly back up your home and office network with 5G.
  • You can even rely on it while you’re on the go.

Key B One 5G Benefits

Dual WAN

architecture keeps you connected even when one of your Internet lines goes down.


technology seamlessly bonds multiple Internet connections into one more reliable Internet feed.

Built-in 5G/LTE

cellular modem backs up your primary wired connection or serves as your primary high-speed fixed-wireless connection.

Made for Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) with 5G

  • Designed for use with MSP 5G/LTE Gateway devices.
  • Bond various FWA together (AT&T / T-Mobile / Verizon).
  • Load Balance different internet sources (Cable, Fiber, 5G/LTE).
  • Tether your phone with Wi-Fi WAN or USB.

Power up the B One 5G and get connected Instantly