Water and Wastewater

Clean water and wastewater infrastructure are key to complete and safe water service.

Water maintenance is the most critical aspect to ensuring safe and clean drinking water. Alliance distributes modern communications products that provide the network required to ensure accurate measurements, control, modern communications and ultimately, safe water.

The easy availability of low-cost, low-power sensors and edge-computing devices offers water and wastewater operations with increased efficiencies in the delivery and management of their services. With more technologies used in wastewater systems, increased security and reliability critical.

Alliance partners provide systems for water and wastewater:

  • 900 MHz Ethernet wireless networks for SCADA systems
  • Wireless network backhaul to connect remote locations back to main networks 
  • Machine to machine communications (M2M) solutions
  • Wireless radio solutions within a wide range of frequencies, licensed and unlicensed for whatever your requirement or budget
  • Safe, secure wireless solutions with high levels of encryption

Planned operations and systematic maintenance of wastewater facilities can prevent most problems from occurring in drinking water. 

Alliance manufacturer partners provide reliable networks and computing so water treatment plants can enable any number of smart applications, including but not limited to:

Water Tank Monitoring

Save multiple man days per month by replacing manual tank inspections with automated remote tank monitoring, which provides anywhere access to real-time tank levels, 24/7/365.

Water Level Automation

Trigger pumps to run at off-peak energy hours, which can result in up to $30,000 savings per year in energy costs.

Network Bandwidth Optimization

 Move from a poll-response to publish/subscribe architecture to reduce bandwidth consumption by 80% to 95% while gaining near real-time response times.

Real-Time Leak Detection

 Remotely monitor chemical levels and set automated triggers to alert the plant to leaks, isolate chemicals, and trace the source of issues.

Preventative Maintenance

Reduce maintenance costs by 10% to 40% using edge applications that enable the prediction of asset performance and failures.

Water Quality Assurance

Automate the process of testing drinking water for bacteria and other potential contaminants.