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Serving exceptional connectivity to the service industry

Delivering an excellent Wi-Fi experience for guests is table stakes. The factors that impact performance and cost can be overwhelming:
• Steady advances in Wi-Fi frequency standards.
• The need to overlay touchless experiences on the same network.
• Type of property (single building vs. campus, conference vs. residential)

Cambium deploy and manage Wi-Fi that meets your specific needs

Cambium ONE Network platform bring together a broad portfolio of network edge technologies and software. You can focus more on your business rather than the network.

In most hospitality venues, 95% of the Wi-Fi devices are in-room wall-plates, general purpose indoor devices, high-density conference room radios or outdoor access points. Cambium Networks’ Wi-Fi portfolio spans all these use cases at different performance levels. In addition, Cambium offer multigigabit wireless backhaul (aka wireless fiber) where trenching fiber across a campus is not economically viable.

Improve guest satisfaction while reducing total connectivity costs

Hospitality Wi-Fi solutions from Cambium Networks include high-performance cnPIlot access points, cnMatrix switches, and free cloud-based cnMaestro Essential end-to-end performance monitoring and management.

Efficiently deliver managed Wi-Fi experiences for the hospitality industry

Save CAPEX or future proof? Now you don’t have to choose. Avoid wasting capital on idle radios. Like a chameleon, Cambium software defined radios can evolve with the device population. As the old devices fade away and the new arrive, the radios adjust the capacity across the frequencies accordingly. You get every ounce of capacity out of your capital investment. Today.

Of course, operating cost is the other side of the economic equation. Network intelligence and automation make it as easy as possible to manage the network remotely in the cloud. Advanced analytics enables the administrator to customize experiences, optimize the network for voice calls, resolve issues quickly and even proactively prevent incidents. The result is lower costs for you. The bottom line is, you need connectivity that just works.

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Wi Fi 6 and 6E Hospitality Solutions that Just Work

Be ready for Wi-Fi 6 devices to show up at your hotel soon. Cambium software-defined radios sense the presence of new devices and make it easy to gracefully accommodate them on the network. Cambium cloud managed Wi-Fi solutions make it easy to deliver exceptional online experiences for hotel guests.

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