Are you planning a strategy to migrate to digital audio and require an upgrade to your existing STL or inter site communications infrastructure? Do you simply need additional microwave links?

Due to the advent and greater prevalence of HDTV, HD-Radio and IP radio, there’s a need for broadcasters to embrace packet-switched IP hardware for efficient processing of video & audio streams. 

Packet-based IP radios are an excellent method for digital Voice and Video transmission. They offer:

  • Very high capacity from 1.5Mbps, suitable for AoIP for FM/HD radio with up to 1Gbps for very high numbers of video streams. This  provides access to off-site program storage, satellite down links and much more.
  • Highly reliable solutions are available in licensed and unlicensed frequencies to suit application and budget. These radio links can be engineered for long distances yet still maintain high speeds & availability targets required in mission-critical broadcast applications.

IP radios are an excellent method to provide critical infrastructure AoIP and video data transmission, offering very high capacity and reliability in licensed or unlicensed frequency bands.

Not all equipment is created equal and it’s important to understand the benefits of our purpose-built outdoor solutions using high-spec components and superior design. There is a difference between us and the broken audio/video streams caused by inadequate internal processors, excessive RF noise, cheap plastic housings and poorly engineered hardware typical of lesser products touted as broadband solutions.

We will help you design a wireless network of any complexity and supply you with everything you need from the transceivers to cables, antennas, towers and accessories.

Learn with us about the advantages of these digital radio solutions for your STLs!