Cambium Solutions for Education

Empower education with enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity.

Better schooling starts with better wireless connectivity. Fast, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity is a requirement in schools today. Why? Because everything is online. Have you seen your grade schooler bring home a textbook lately? No, because they are online now. All the course material is online, using various platforms to deliver that content and the common denominator is the Internet. When kids complain that the Internet in their school is slow, when they are using the data from their phone (if they have one) or if they wait to do their work at home, there is a problem with the Wi-Fi at school.

Cambium Networks delivers gold-standard reliable Wi-Fi connectivity for teachers, students and IT staff.

Cambium technologies are designed to deliver high-bandwidth, stable internet at all times—even under heavy load. Gigabit speeds power classroom learning, while reliable connectivity ensures the focus can be kept on learning and college readiness—and not on IT infrastructure.

Are you an MSP focused on the Primary K-12 Education market? Join the Cambium Networks ConnectedPartner program, designed for MSPs that serve commercial customers with a managed services model. The program enables MSPs to better respond to today’s evolving wireless marketplace. Learn more.