Cambium Solutions for Video Surveillance/Security

Video Security Surveillance: Simple and Efficient

Cost time, location – these are all obstacles to overcome when trying to establish network connections to CCTV cameras. Wireless video security technology makes it easy to place a camera exactly where you need it. Cambium solutions provide 100 Mbps+ connectivity for high-resolution streams to CCTV cameras at a tenth of the cost of fiber. With simple operations, integrated technologies, and single pane-of-glass cloud management, you’ll save time and money with solutions from Cambium Networks.

Put the cameras where you need them—and connect them the way you need to

When it comes to video surveillance, a reliable connection is paramount. Cambium Networks’ wireless solutions are purpose-built to support this critical infrastructure – and deliver high throughput, low latency, lower power consumption and ease of installation. Cambium cost-effective fixed wireless and Wi-Fi technologies are tailor-made to support multiple use cases, including: campus security, automatic license plate recognition (ALPR), traffic monitoring and public safety.

Also, with wireless connectivity, one network can be leveraged to provide video surveillance, Wi-Fi, and support IoT digital initiatives. Cambium approach to CCTV backhaul is straightforward: make camera connections simple. With multi-gigabit, low-latency, wireless connectivity, you can quickly and efficiently create a security network for:

  • Schools or University campus locations
  • Warehouse/retail/workplace parking lot/yards
  • Public parks, farms, ranches
  • Utilities/electric co-ops, oil/gas, mining/minerals
  • Freight/rail/distribution yards, ports

Cambium suite of solutions empowers you to deploy single-camera operations in hours, and major deployments can be completed within weeks – all at a fraction of the cost and time of trenching fiber.

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