WEBINAR: Stop Interference Before It Takes Down Your Network! Aviat Networks

March 28th, 2024

In case you missed it, the FCC recently approved seven automated frequency coordination systems (AFCs) to begin operations in the 6GHz band in the USA.

These companies are now authorized to operate spectrum management services that will allow standard power Wi-Fi to begin operating in 6GHz band across 850MHz of spectrum, for both indoor and outdoor deployments. According to Broadcom, standard power 6GHz operation will deliver 63-times higher power levels compared to current LPI (low power indoor) 6GHz Wi-Fi!

Wednesday, April 17th | 11:00 AM EDT. Click the register button below to attend.

Are you prepared?

  • AFC is intended to protect against interference for existing 6GHz fixed links, but how sure can you be?
  • Should you still be concerned about interference on your mission-critical 6GHz PTP microwave links?
  • Do you have a solution in place to detect interference and fix problems when they occur?

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • These risks and the impact of interference not just at 6GHz, but also in other common-carrier bands, such as 11GHz.
  • How to DETECT interference, CORRECT it, and then PROTECT your links from any future incidents.
  • How to implement interference solutions for any vendor microwave.

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