Alliance is able to provide high technology innovations for increasing productivity in agriculture.

Agriculture can benefit from wireless network solutions in many ways. Typically, farms are in remote areas with poor public wireless network coverage. Additionally, farms can cover huge areas, which makes trenching cable financially unreasonable. Wireless networks are capable of very high speeds and the ranges work very well to provide coverage on a farm, for a wide range of applications.  

Many farmers have gone to great measures to make sure they are not being left behind with technology due to the lack of public network service. Improved connectivity has not only provided huge efficiency improvements but also it has increased safety.

Making the most of IIoT in agriculture means making sure all data from the field can be readily accessed and acted upon, no matter where it is remotely generated.

We have partnered with industry-leading manufacturers to bring connectivity and coverage solutions for agriculture. What can you do with the right network solution?

Automated irrigation systems

Trigger irrigation to occur at off-peak hours, save up to $30,000 per year in energy costs – all while automating water usage reporting processes to ensure regulatory compliance.

Precision fertilizing

Use real-time kinematics (RTK) to fix machinery positioning down to 1cm.

Herd health Tracking

Monitor feed intake to deliver highly accurate rations that improve herd health and mitigate feed shrink.

Smart weeding

Power high-accuracy robotic weeders that reduce the use of herbicide by as much as 20%.

Grain Bin Level Monitoring & Control

Get real-time reads of storage conditions and automate blowers to operate only during off-peak electrical hours – saving up to 50% in energy costs.

We will help you design a network of any complexity and supply you with everything you need from the transceivers to cables, antennas, towers and accessories.

Crop monitoring and control

Fire detection