Connecting is what hospitality is all about. Bringing people together.

Alliance can provide WiFi and cellular signal boosting solutions from leading equipment manufacturers.

Some of the challenges in the hospitality sector include:

  • Poor cellular coverage in hotels and parking garages
  • Limited Wi-Fi connection in high-rise buildings
  • Lack of cellular coverage in elevators causing safety concerns
  • Slow signal delays payments in restaurants
  • Inability to provide keyless entry to rooms
  • Digital amenities such as mobile check-in and check-out as well as contactless entry
  • Mobile ordering for room service and mobile pay at stores and kiosks

Alliance can provide hospitality with a wide range of wireless solutions:

  • Signal boosters to improve the cellular signal in your buildings
  • Wi-Fi solutions for indoor and outdoor coverage
  • Cellular signal boosting solutions
  • Public Safety Signal Boosting Solutions

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