Times Microwave REEL Times – How to spot LMR Fakes & Clones

December 20th, 2023

Watch this video of Reel Times, Carrie sits down with Ian Finch, Head of Commercial Sales- Europe, to discuss the common issue that is found with one of Times Microwave most popular and well-known cable.

LMR will always be our leading product, but we’re seeing a lot more applications coming through for high power, for medical applications, for quantum computing. We see a lot of the fakes and the clones. LMR must be the most faked cable in our industry. You see a lot of people advertising LMR or LMR clones or LMR fakes that are not really LMR.

Ian Finch, Head of Commercial Sales-Europe, Times Microwave Systems

And you notice the difference when you come to measure it

Because these guys generally just cut and paste Times Microwave performance details and they don’t even bother to change point one of a decimal point. You know, it’s literally cut and paste.

And so when customers realize what they’ve got is not performing, they complain to Times Microwave. Yeah, of course it’s not the original product so there’s very little we can do about it.

How can you verify they’re actually getting a time’s microwave product?

In the first instance you could call Times Microwave. But if your cable doesn’t have the cage code, manufacturer location and trademark on the side, then it’s not Times Microwave cable. So be very cautious what you’re buying when you’re on some of the websites that are out there.

The clone manufacturers do not offer ultra flex, they don’t offer fire retardancy, they don’t offer the DB versions and also they don’t offer tooling.

And if they’re trying to use our tools with the fake cables, they won’t get an adequate interconnection. Times Microwave offer also a complete range of low PIM solutions that they don’t do.

Ian Finch, Head of Commercial Sales-Europe, Times Microwave Systems

  • Host: Carrie Obedzinski, Distribution Sales Manager, Times Microwave Systems
  • Guest: Ian Finch, Head of Commercial Sales-Europe, Times Microwave Systems