Peplink’s Dome Pro LR Now Available in Alliance!

April 30th, 2024

Sail away from familiar shores, yet always stay connected

Leverage a dual 5G cellular router and high-gain antennas within a single enclosure, supporting virtually any band around the world for global long range connectivity.

Discover its versatility and power of pairing different connectivity options, whether you’re a vessel owner, crew member, or passenger.

With the Dome Pro LR, maritime connectivity reaches new heights and extends over greater distances.

Available now! Contact us and get your Dome Pro LR now!

Seamless Deployment

The Dome Pro LR combines a router and integrated antennas within a single enclosure, ensuring minimal cable loss and delivering optimal performance. Additionally, powering it up is made convenient with just a single cable.

Fit Anywhere, Bond Any WAN

Use the Dome Pro LR’s Wi-Fi as WAN support to leverage existingWi-Fi networks for another source of connectivity.

Pair the Wi-Fi and dual 5G connections with an added Starlink or VSAT link using SpeedFusion’s Bandwidth Bonding for higher reliability, or experience no more interruptions with Hot Failover.

Download here Dome Pro LR Datasheet and Contact us to get yours