Rajant Corporation, the pioneer provider of pervasive, multi-frequency wireless solutions – is changing the way the world utilizes mobile infrastructure by bringing to life agile, scalable, high-performance networks that connect the diverse environments in which they operate today.

Rajant Corporation is the exclusive provider of private wireless networks powered by patented Kinetic Mesh® networks, BreadCrumb® network nodes, and InstaMesh® networking software. Rapidly deploy a highly adaptable and scalable network that leverages the power of real time data to deliver on-demand, critical business intelligence from the field.

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Today’s Mobile Ecosystem

Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh® networks are fully mobile, private wireless networks that maintain continuous connectivity without the troublesome hand-off issues that other wireless and Wi-Fi vendors experience. Our networks easily integrate with existing satellite, fiber, LTE, and fixed wireless networks and sustain any-node to any-node connectivity through years of high-quality service.

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Customer Advocacy

Rajant Supports “No Dog Gets Left Behind”

Rajant Peregrine & Hawk Series

The Rajant Peregrine FE1-2255B is a high-performance, quad-radio industrial-grade, wireless Kinetic Mesh BreadCrumb. Infused with Rajant’s patented InstaMesh protocol, the Peregrine offers higher throughput with enhanced security performance using 256QAM, 80 MHz channels, and hardware acceleration.

Introducing the Hawk, one of Rajant’s newest industrial-grade high-performance BreadCrumb platforms that offer dual MIMO transceivers, up to 1.7Gbps aggregated data rate, higher throughput, and enhanced security performance

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