Cambium Hat Trick at Pentewan Sands Holiday Park: 50Mbps Wi-Fi, Lower Costand More Revenue

July 31st, 2023


AS ONE OF THE TOP HOLIDAY PARKS IN THE SOUTH WEST, Pentewan Sands has all the amenities you would expect for the perfect seaside weekend. However, this has not always extended to providing connectivity for their guests. Interest in domestic staycations has ballooned, with Mintel reporting that 4.5 million people in Britain took their first camping holiday between 2020 and 2022, spending £1.5 billion in 2020 and £2.7 billion in 2021.

As holiday parks and campsites meet the expectations of new guests, providing robust connectivity is critical both to provide a great guest experience and open up new commercial opportunities, capturing a greater share of this increased spending.

Download now case study and discover how Cambium helped Pentewan Sands Holiday Park.

“We have found over the last 12 months that the Wi-Fi on site has been much improved with no dropouts. More importantly, our two teenage children are much happier with the speed and can FaceTime friends back at home with no problems. I have also found working from the site much easier and am able to hold team meetings with ease.”

Jason Bates, Regular visitor of Pentewan Sands

The Challenge

INITIALLY THE COVERAGE OF THE PENTEWAN SANDS SITE was almost non-existent, with only the park’s reception and restaurant area covered by a domestic internet service. Providing internet connectivity as a service to guests was not a priority, and it was hindering the running of the park at times too; payments are sometimes made via PayPal, making internet access crucial.

The Solution

IN ORDER TO IMPROVE THE CONNECTIVITY AT PENTEWAN SANDS, Wifi Solutions Ltd knew that they needed a more robust solution. The aim was to rid the network of the issues it was having so that the staff at Pentewan Sands and Wifi Solutions Ltd did not have to spend so much time dealing with complaints or trying to troubleshoot.

As soon as the Cambium Networks equipment was installed, there was an immediate drop in the number of network errors and complaints that the team were dealing with. Not only was the equipment easier to configure, but the cnMaestro management solution meant that the Wifi Solutions Ltd team could fix any network issues far easier, massively reducing the cost of running the network and improving the profitability of doing so.

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