NUE SunKit™ Powers Maternity Ward in Ukraine

May 27th, 2024

Watch this success story showing a NUE SunKit™ International powering a maternity ward in Odessa, Ukraine, during a total power grid blackout. And again, they were hit by blackouts since this video was taken, and the doctor running the ward called to express thanks because the SunKits are helping them so much. Such a heart-warming story!

Learn more about why the SunKit™ 5050 INT can be deploy anywhere a larger, longer term power solution is that you need.  

SunKit™ 5050 INT 220V: A powerful, rapidly deployable solar generator and Uninterruptible Power Supply

The NUE SunKit™ 5050 INT is a rapidly deployable off-grid or backup (Uninterruptible Power Supply) solar power system that has been used in settings ranging from hospitals to evacuation centers.

  • Set up in minutes. This is a fully integrated solar power and energy storage system in a single enclosure. Just attach the solar array and/ or AC charging source and plug in your lights and appliances.
  • Hybrid inverter with UPS function for immediate backup power from batteries when grid failure occurs.
  • LiFePO4 Battery designed to operate for 6000 cycles.
  • Bluetooth enabled, Wifi optional.

NUE SunKit™ made it possible to obtain extremely high ratings from all users


  • Run a hospital operating room and ICU wards in a hospital which has daily outages.
  • Protect Sensitive Medical Equipment.
  • Must operate in applications requiring top levels of safety around oxygen.
  • Easy to install and manage.
  • Hospital does not have budget to buy gasoline.


  • Continues to run ventilators, anesthesiology machines, blood suction machines, patient monitors, sensitive laboratory equipment, lights and medical refrigeration
  • Received extremely high ratings from all users
  • Self Installation, even the solar panels, by the medical staff
  • Runs 24/7 and UPS features provide peace of mind
  • Each unit avoids over 8 liters a day of gasoline and 44 lbs of carbon emissions

Watch the video below and find out how a NUE SunKit™ International supplied power to a maternity hospital during a power outage.