VIDEO: Lightning Protection and Grounding Solutions for Wireless Networks

February 9th, 2022

This is a recording of a webinar we presented that addresses:

  • The theoretical and practical aspects of wireless communication site protection
  • Safety and risk management associated with Lightning Discharge.

In our world, this video is a CLASSIC!! With technology, there is constant change. However, there will always be lightning and the need for grounding.

Through watching this video on Lighting Protection & Grounding, you will learn:

  • The fundamentals governing lightning event
  • Proper grounding, bonding and shielding practices,
  • Applications of lightning protections devices
  • Pertinent industry standards and guidelines.

This video is suitable for:

  • Wireless network designers
  • Implementation and service personnel
  • Network operators.

Proper design, implementation and maintenance of wireless infrastructure are essential components in managing uptime, productivity and personnel safety.

This presentation capitalizes on many years of design and application engineering experience in the area of lightning protection and grounding. It combines the “whole system approach” to structural and equipment protection for RF, DATA, TELEPHONE, AC, DC and TELEMETRY from lightning induces transients. Overview of Lightning event and its statistical parameters -Lightning voltage & current wave-shapes and energy distribution on coaxial cables -Lightning Current and Voltage sharing on coaxial cables -EMF Coupling effects on tower and feeder cables during the lightning event Grounding and bonding fundamentals for Wireless Networks -Tower grounding and “Ground Potential Rise” considerations -Building /Cabinet grounding techniques -Ground resistance and impedance enhancement techniques Overview of Lightning Protection technologies -Structural protection vs. equipment protection -RF, AC, DC, Telemetry and waive-guide lightning protection techniques -Industry standards governing lightning protection devices.