Value-added services to save an awful lot of time in the field

August 5th, 2023

We provide professional services to boost your projects

Boost the value and success of your projects with our valued-added services. You will save time in the field and optimize your investment.

We can help you with your Siklu, Redline, Cambium Networks and DragonWave projects and much more.

We have a service for every need! Contact Us to learn how we can help you.

Get the best performance from your equipment and ensure their maximum development

  • Pre-config of every Redline products series (both standard configs and custom configuration based on site/project).
  • Pre-config of Dragonwave AirPair, Harmony, Harmony Enhanced SC & MC including back-to-back testing of links to prove function.
  • Pre-config & region code changes of Nextivity products (until software caught up)
  • Pre-config of Siklu EH600/614, EH1200, 2500, 8010.

Contact us and know our add-ons for larger projects shipping directly overseas or to remote locations.

Our professional services boost your on-site and remote projects

  • Update radio firmware.
  • Add radio options keys (1, 2 or 3 per radio).
  • Use FCC filing to configure radios on frequency/bandwidths, Tx powers, modulation type.
  • Configure for Copper or Fiber operation.
  • Establish working link in Lab and upload proof to client’s secure site.
  • Advise client of status.
  • Receive your Redline radios ready to go to save an awful lot of time in the field.

Contact us and learn all the value-added services we can help you with