Times Microwave Systems- LMR 400 Demo

December 21st, 2023

Watch this video where Kevin demonstrates how to cut and prep your LMR-400 cables

He uses the EZ-400-NHM-Z connector, the easy-to-use, spring-loaded CCT-03 cutting tool, CST-400 prep tool and additionally the CST-300/400 crimp tool.

Featured products:

  • LMR-400: 54001
  • CST-400: 3192-004

The goal of the Times Microwave Systems team is to take complex matters and develop products that make them easier or more approachable for their customers.

Times Microwave have created a product that allows you to terminate cables with little skill or technique required – which is pretty great.

What will you discover in this Times Microwave demo?

  • The termination of LMR -400 cable with the EZ400 NMHS -X. All Times Microwave X -Series connectors have the exact same strip dimensions and go on to the cable the exact same way.
  • The CCT03 cutting tool. Very easy to use, no special technique involved. Spring -loaded, get a couple inches from the end of the cable, spring -loaded, locks onto the cable.
  • The unique silicone lubricant that Times Microwave supply, the WSB -400 strain relief boot.
  • Creates a nice strain relief, and this also happens to be rated to IP67.

Time Microwave have over 50 connectors now for LMR 400 that are X series, all work with a tool, all work with this boot.