NUE Portable Power for Wireless ISPs and Rural Telecoms

December 6th, 2023

NUE’s line of durable, mobile, and quick-deployable battery generators provide temporary or remote power for a variety of Telecom applications. With both 110v AC and 48v DC outputs, Suncases, BBG’s, Sunkits and SunWings deploy in minutes in places where portable generators can’t be used or are too costly to run remotely. From service vehicles to rooftops to indoor closets to remote locations miles from the grid. All products are modular and solar powerful.

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Key Benefits

  • Flexibility: provide AC and DC power from the same unit, charges from AC or Solar.
  • Durability: in tough cases and enclosures.
  • Portability: always on wheels, easy to lift, deploys in minutes.
  • Longevity: NUE batteries feature a cycle life of 6,000 cycles.
  • Visible: Bluetooth monitoring and reporting directly from the Battery Management System (BMS).
  • Availability: NUE products can be stored for extended periods of time without recharging while maintaining battery capacity.
  • Security: Stainless steel lockable Mesh bags and built-in GPS options.


Temporary Portable Applications

  • Extended Backup power during:
    – Service maintenance intervals
    – Planned outages
    – Weather events
  • Keep Mesh Wifi networks up and running 24/7 at temporary deployments (e.g. events and
    festivals) where no grid power is available. Avoid repeatedly starting up and shutting down said networks.

Powering Remote Locations (when paired with solar panels).

  • Repeater Stations: Microwave relay stations.
  • Starlink and VSAT systems.
  • SCADA systems.

Add power to remote fiber nodes and amplifiers.
Add power to Small Cell installations on rooftops where weight and noise restrictions are challenging.

NUE Performance in different Environments

Indoors Deployments: NUE products do not produce sound or noise. NUE products can roll easily via built-in wheels and can be quick-charged from any 110V source with AC chargers or solar panels

Outdoors: NUE weatherized case-first designs protect them from the elements. Their ergonomic carry handles are designed for transport over soft or uneven ground. Solar-first components and design provide clean recharging without any fuel logistics.

Core Products for Wireless ISPs and Rural Telecoms

  • Suncase 3651: 5.1kWh of 48V DC and 110V AC power in a ultra-portable weatherized thermoplastic UV protected fire retardant case. The unit’s 3.6kW inverter capacity can handle most AC power applications. Daisy-chain up to four additional units for up to 25kWh of battery capacity. The SunCase 3651 is energy-dense, durable, and easy to use. These units are perfect for any technicians’ van for quick, quiet, and clean power.
  • The SUNKIT: A unit durable enough for 365 24/7 remote power with a NEMA3 enclosure and hybrid inverter. 5kWh of LiFEPO4 batteries included. All models can be expanded up to 20kWh through daisy-chained battery extension modules. Easily serviceable and quick-installed cabinet system.
  • 5050EXT Model: 5kW hybrid inverter functions as a solar UPS when paired with solar panels. Can take up to 5kW of PV input.
  • A351 EXT: Included small built-in 300W inverter optimized for remote power and small loads for hyper extended runtimes for applications such as remote monitoring and telemetry. 
  • 48V BBG: A 48V 100Ah DC Battery backup generator with Anderson 175 Amp Connectors in a thermoplastic UV protected fire retardant case. Excels in hot environments.