Cambium Keep people, places and things connected and moving forward

August 7th, 2023

The strength of your operation is measured by efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness—and Cambium Networks’ portfolio of fixed wireless and Wi-Fi solutions is here to back you up. Cambium Networks technology give you total access and control of your wireless network, delivering gigabit speeds and low latency—all centrally monitored and managed via the cloud.

Maintain an open and reliable supply chain with dependable, gigabit connectivity. Power your wireless network for transportation and logistics with solutions from our broad portfolio of indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi, switching and fixed wireless backhaul—all centrally cloud-managed from a single console. 

Learn here how Cambium’s technology has boosted the Logistics and Warehouses solutions around the world.

Take Control of your Network

Manage the Network, Not the Elements. Organizations need to deliver top-notch online experiences, and do so with a minimum of resources. With Cambium Networks’ comprehensive portfolio of wireless, wired, security and SD-WAN solutions, you can deploy technology that simply works. Cambium solutions deliver outstanding user experiences across your enterprise operation, enabling you to focus on your business and applications rather than individual network elements.

Cambium Networks’ ONE Network Enables You Achieve Best in Class Total Cost of Ownership

Cambium’s approach to building networks leverages our decades long foundation of providing wireless network solutions that deliver:

  • ONE converged IT Experience that simplifies operations
  • Best in class operational efficiency delivered by intelligent automation
  • Consistently predictable performance enabled by application optimization
    Cambium’s ONE Network Just Works.

Alliance Corporation is a Proud Distributor of Cambium Networks.