Automate P25 uplink testing with SeeHawk Monitor

January 23rd, 2023

When you verify in-building public safety coverage, are you testing the uplink? 

We hear regularly from public safety officials that coverage issues are more likely to occur on the uplink than the downlink. But they also tell us that uplink testing is too difficult, unreliable, and expensive.

With SeeHawk Monitor, cost-effective, objective uplink measurements are now possible. One PCTEL® public safety network testing solution user is all you need to test uplink and downlink coverage. During in-building testing, SeeHawk Monitor simultaneously measures uplink signal quality at the radio site. Uplink and downlink results are combined automatically into a single report.

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Automated In-Building Uplink Testing

With SeeHawk Monitor, one system provides two automated applications that make it easier to ensure reliable critical communications:

  • Spectrum Monitoring for Critical Communications
  • Monitor RF spectrum for noise and interference
  • Detect and characterize service-impacting issues
  • Real-time spectrum analyzer
  • Automated In-Building Uplink Testing
  • Enhances the PCTEL® Public Safety Network Testing Solution
  • Grid-based coverage testing for local code compliance
  • Network commissioning and FCC compliance testing

Whether you’re an Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), radio system manager, or an in-building solutions provider, SeeHawk Monitor can make it easier to verify reliable communications for first responders.