Watch Video: 5G Capable Next Generation Off Air Signal Booster

February 12th, 2024

Easily deploy a system today without operator rebroadcast agreements – simply install, turn on, and register with the operator. The users in the building will have cell phone coverage immediately!

Watch the video to get the best coverage and capacity with Next Generation Off Air Signal Booster.

Next Generation Off Air Cell Signal Booster – Coverage Today, Capacity Tomorrow!

Work with the operator to obtain a signal source. Once you have the signal source, deploy it, and the capacity will be dedicated for your building rather than shared with the macro!

  • 5G Ready Analog DAS: Supports operator frequencies including C-Band.
  • FCC Part 20 with Off-Air Capability for Rapid Deployment.
  • Multi-Band, Multi-Operator Support.
  • Easy Design and Installation.
  • Easy Commissioning Process for BTS Fed.
  • Smart Commissioning.


Charlie Schulz

Engineer, In-Building Communications | Alliance Corporation

Charles Mitchell

Cellular DAS Product Manager | Comba