Public safety – Wireless Has Your Back

July 19th, 2018

Public safety is of paramount importance and therefore the communications networks that support those organizations – from emergency response to border security – are crucial. They must always work, no matter what.

Yet, there is increasing demand for high speed networks to support multiple applications: network access, sensor-networks, internet and video.

Video surveillance, in particular, demands high bandwidth that legacy networks just cannot support. Yet the deployment of fiber doesn’t always make financial sense and often simply isn’t even possible.

Continued innovation in the development of point-to-point or microwave wireless networks means that it’s now possible to use wireless as a backhaul instead of fiber, ‘fiber-like performance at a fraction of the cost’.

There is an excellent article published on the Urgent Communications web site (registration is required but I promise you it’s worth it) that goes into technical details on why the new microwave technology is capable of these fiber-like speeds.

Features such as QoS, high-order modulation, multi-carrier radios, XPIC, MIMO, and encryption are explained. If you haven’t considered microwave as a backhaul network for your public safety network lately, you should take a second look.