PIM – A Dirty 3 Letter Word

July 19th, 2018

By now most people in the wireless world have heard about or encountered PIM in their networks as we move to wide band 4G networks.

Most carriers have made changes to the equipment that they specify for their RF path to ensure that the products are PIM tested/certified at sufficient levels.

Alliance has been working with carriers on PIM issues as early as 2009 and we have found that once a carrier changes to a quality RF path solution, further steps need to take place. At Alliance we preach Training, Tools and PIM-tested Jumpers.

Construction crews must be trained on what effects PIM can have on a network and how to avoid them by proper cable preparation and connector installation (Training). All crews on site must be out fitted with proper torque wrenches (Tools). Supplying 100% PIM tested jumpers alleviates 80% of PIM issues on a site (PIM-tested Jumpers).

Alliance can provide on-site PIM 101 sessions as well as contractor training and certification, contractor tools and we have a large inventory of 100% PIM-tested Jumpers with varying lengths and connector styles.

A couple of other key points to consider with PIM are:

  • PIM totals are aggregated across the entire RF path
  • As carriers are added the chances of the 3rd order entering one of the receive paths increases dramatically.

Remember PIM does not replace RL or DTF or vice versa!