CBNL honoured at the European Broadband Awards 2017

July 19th, 2018

CBNL, the market leader in licensed point-to-multipoint (PMP) microwave and millimeter wave, was this week awarded a finalist position in the European Broadband Awards 2017 for a ground-breaking 26GHz smart city project.

The awards are an annual event where the European Commission recognizes the outstanding EU-funded broadband deployment projects in Europe.

Together with its project partners, CBNL was recognized in the ‘Cost reduction and co-investment in a future proof infrastructure‘ category for the Metropolitan Telecommunication Network (MTN) in Rzeszw.

Delivered in collaboration with the City of Rzeszw and VSAT System sj, a leading system integrator, the MTN is one of the most innovative municipal networks in Europe, and a blueprint for leveraging 5G spectrum.

CBNL’s VectaStar PMP solution was used to deliver the network, showcasing how the latest millimetre wave technology can provide a highly cost effective route to ubiquitous urban connectivity.

Through high levels of spectrum reuse and virtualization techniques, the project has delivered wide-ranging benefits across the city.

The results speak for themselves:

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