Siklu – Gigabit Throughput, Anywhere

April 17th, 2015

Siklu’s EtherHaul radios deliver up to 1 Gigabit full duplex, with a great price/MB. But a positive ROI is just the first step towards making wireless Gigabit connectivity easy.

During this video, Siklu will review:

  • Company introduction
  • Technology (mainly MMW, TDD/ FDD)
  • Product overview
  • Typical applications and EtherHaul related benefits
  • Sample case studies
  • Q&A

More about Siklu radios:
The EtherHaul radios operate over the 60/70/80 GHz unlicensed or lightly licensed millimeter waves, with pencil point beams that are interference-free. That makes spectrum acquisition easy, fast and low cost anywhere, even in dense urban areas.

Ranging from a 6′ antenna designed for street furniture to a slim 1ft for rooftops, the EtherHaul radios are practically invisible and very light, so that you can acquire sites easily and install fast.

Thousands of links have been deployed in North America, and are delivering business broadband, wireless security and high capacity municipal connectivity reliably in all sorts of weather. With proven high reliability and a 90-yr MTBF, you can Deploy, & Forget.

Contact Alliance Corporation in Canada, the USA, Mexico & Latin America for more information on Siklu products.