Monitoring Water Levels Remotely

September 16th, 2022

Looking at the world right now, it seems that people are either dealing with drought or flood. Neither of those situations are good for managing water resources, certainly not from a human consumption point of view. 

The problem is that water reservoirs or the source of the water may be in a very remote location.

Getting data you need from hard to reach places is a challenge that can be:

  • Expensive to send a person or people
  • Time consuming
  • Possibly a health and safety risk.

Watch the recording of our recent webinar to learn how Modusense has a solution for monitoring water levels remotely using a low-cost satellite.

We will cover how you can:

  • Monitor the water or fluid levels remotely;
  • Control and manage water levels;
  • How easy it is to leverage drop-in solutions for any location.

We also touch on complementary solutions and connectivity solutions that can make easy work for you and your clients.