Micro Armored Fiber Solutions

April 22nd, 2016

Armored cable offers a lot of advantages – strength, crush resistance, flexibility and more. However as networks have become such a crucial part of life, the available space to run more cable has been reduced and we are trying to put even more devices into very small spaces. Now, a new category of armored cable has emerged, micro armored fibre, fibre that incorporates a tightly wrapped stainless steel coil designed to provide the lightest, strongest and most flexible solution for armor on a fibre optic cable.

This session will provide an introduction to fibre optic cable, the types of cable and where they are each best used. We will review what applications are appropriate for what types of fibre optic cable. We will provide an overview of what armored cable is, where it is appropriate for use and what are the cable advantages. Finally we will introduce the new category of armored cable – microfibre, review the applications, uses and advantages of the cable and we will provide demonstrations of how to handle microfibre armored cable.