WATCH VIDEO: Fiber to the Antenna Design Solutions for LTE

November 29th, 2013

This webinar introduces the concept of Fiber to the Antenna for LTE deployments and covers the following:

  1. What is Fiber to the Antenna? Why is it the way forward? Where has it been used and how?
  2. Solution Components, Capturing and Defining the Bill of Materials for FTTA Cable (Assembled Feeder and Jumper Assemblies)
  • Breakouts, Weather proofing and Terminations
  • Fiber Management / Distribution (Trunked)
  • DC Management / Distribution (Trunked)

3. Illustrations of various configurations — different types of cable with the necessary accessories

  • Composite / Hybrid — Sectorized, designs from 12 AWG to 1/0 — typically 2 to 3 cond. Trunked, designs from 12 AWG to 1/0 — 4 to 10 cond. Up to 36 fibers (18 pair) — + monitoring pairs / CAT 6E components
  • Separate Fiber + DC

4. How to choose the right accessories, depending upon the remote radio head (RRH)
5. Case studies