Broadband for Broadcasters Ethernet based Wireless Backhaul for STL

November 19th, 2014

Ethernet radios are an excellent method for data transmission, offering very high capacity (between 1.5MBps and 1000MBps) on licensed or unlicensed frequencies. Links can be engineered for very long distances maintaining the high speeds.

Are you planning a strategy to migrate to digital audio and require an upgrade to your existing STL or inter-site infrastructure?

Alliance Corporation works with leading Ethernet radio manufacturers such as DragonWave, Redline Communications, BridgeWave, Siklu, RAD and others.

Watch this presentation to learn:

  • The advantages of Ethernet over wireless for STLs
  • The many advantages that come with extra streams to remote sites
  • Guidelines on how to select the right transceivers for what application
  • Advantages of licensed microwave links
  • Advantages of unlicensed microwave links – and where they fit in
  • How to configure redundancy and failover
  • Optimising wireless connection reliability
  • Antenna sizing & co-site interference addressed
  • Segregating audio & video streams from other streams