An Inexpensive Alternative for In Building Cellular Signal Boosting

May 14th, 2014

For integrators, structured cabling companies and other resellers, this recording of our webinar is for anyone looking for an economic, dependable solution for boosting cellular signals in office buildings, remote camps and other structures.

Do you customers complain that they cannot get a strong enough cellular signal in their office building, warehouse or remote building? In particular, remote work camps can have this issue.

Distributed Antenna Systems are one way to boost the cell signal though they are sometimes overkill for the requirement. An excellent alternative to boost the cell signal is a simple signal booster.

Signal boosters can cover a wide range of areas from less than 100 square meters to over 25,000 square meters. Multiple boosters can also be used to cover even greater areas. The technology is a wide band solution and therefore is not limited to one carrier, providing enhancement for all users. The best part is that you can provide a solution for less than $0.20 a square foot, giving you an alternative to offer a solution for everyone.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Top markets and areas of growth for cellular signal boosters
  • How to offer this as an add-on or alternative when already on a job
  • What solutions are available
  • What are the basic components of a solution
  • What’s to come
  • And More!

About our presenter:
SureCall has a growing reputation of providing an economical, dependable, and powerful solution for homes and small and mid-size buildings that have poor interior cellular signal strength. SureCall manufactures cellular boosters that can cover all 2G, 3G, and 4G frequencies, including the newly released LTE band in Canada.

Speaker: Michael Copeland, SureCall