Alliance Kaelus PIM Testing in DAS Systems

April 24th, 2015

This is a recording of a webinar given by Kaelus and Alliance Corporation. The webinar covers issues related to PIM in DAS Networks.

To achieve the full potential of LTE over DAS networks attention to passive inter-modulation (PIM) during the design and construction phases is critical. We will discuss the selection of components to be considered for low PIM generation and construction methods useful in achieving low PIM.

Testing during the construction phase to ensure PIM performance will be outlined. The use of Range-To-Fault to locate PIM sources will be discussed. Examples for several deployed DAS networks are presented. Tom Thompson from Kaelus will discuss real world experiences and offer suggestions for success.


  • Quick review of PIM impact on performance, mechanism, and expectations
  • Low PIM design practices
  • Passive DAS
  • Active DAS
  • Low PIM construction practices
  • Components
  • Cables
  • Antennas
  • Question / Answer session