Public Safety DAS ERRCS

Alliance Supports Public Safety DAS / ERRCS

When a first responder is in a building answering a call for help, it is critical that they have radio contact at all times. However, due to the design and materials used in construction, often the signal is unable to penetrate the building and the signal is lost or is very weak. Most often the weak areas are stairwells, elevators and basements and generally in buildings with a lot of concrete or very thick concrete walls.

How do you overcome this challenge and increase the signal for the public safety radio network inside stairwells, basements and elevators?

There are specific solutions designed to do that, often called Public Safety DAS (distributed antenna system) or ERRCS. As the drawing below shows, the network is comprised of a variety of components including  typically in the case of public safety DAS, a bidirectional amplifier that takes the signal from outside the building and amplifies it inside the building. Antennas are installed throughout the building

Alliance stocks a wide range of products to support public safety DAS / ERRCS (Emergency Responder Radio Communication Systems).  Our team of Subject Matter Experts can help recommend the right products for your requirements because one small item missing from a bill of materials can cause huge delays. We will help you develop the bill of materials that you need including the all of the ancillary products such as splitters, combiners, antennas, cable and battery-backup systems.

Public Safety DAS ERRCS

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