Original Image: Minuteman Entrepid®500-1500VA Line Interactive Compact, Entry-Level UPS

Minuteman Entrepid®500-1500VA Line Interactive Compact, Entry-Level UPS


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The Minuteman Entrepid Series UPS offers automatic voltage regulation and compact tower profile perfect for a range of small to medium load applications.

Compact Tower, Big Time Power

The Minuteman Entrepid Series UPS provides users all the features usually available in higher-priced UPS products to protect your valuable equipment: automatic voltage regulation, spike and surge protection, and battery backup, all in a surprisingly compact package.

The Minuteman Entrepid Series UPS is a compact tower featuring automatic voltage regulation and an informative LCD display that keeps users informed of power and unit status. Six battery/surge outlets along with two surge-only outlets ensure a connection for every device in the system, and phone/fax/network surge protection is also included. USB communications make management simple thanks to free SentryHD software, available here.

The Entrepid’s compact height and width makes it an ideal solution for applications where space is tight. This can include crowded telephone and network closets, security devices, POS systems, and much more.

Key Product Features

  • LCD Status Display
    Power information in real time
  • SentryHD Compatible
    Monitor and Manage via USB
All-new LCD Status Display
Take the guesswork out of UPS & power status monitoring with Entrepid’s new LCD status display.

1. Unit status indicator
2. Load & battery meters
3. Numeric Display
4. On/Off/Test Button
5. Display Scroll Button
Entrepid Status Display

Available Models