Original Image: Minuteman Enspire®, 350-900VA Standby, Wall-Mountable UPS

Minuteman Enspire®, 350-900VA Standby, Wall-Mountable UPS


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Low-profile, High protection

The Minuteman Enspire Series UPS is a low-cost, high performance UPS line that provides the features needed to protect your valuable equipment. The EN350 and EN550 units each have eight outlets, four provide battery support along with spike and surge protection and four with spike and surge protection only.

The EN750LCD and EN900LCD each have five of the outlets described above for total protection of up to ten connected devices. In addition, all units have outlets which are specifically spaced to support transformer blocks.

All-new LCD Status Display
(750VA and 900VA models)

Take the guesswork out of UPS & power status monitoring with Enspires’s new LCD status display.

1. Unit status indicator
2. Load & battery meters
3. Numeric Display
4. Display scroll button
5. Alarm silence button
6. On/Off button
Enspire Status Display

Key Product Features

  • LCD Status Display (750VA & 900VA models)
    Power information in real time
  • Tool-less Battery Panel
    Easy-access setup and maintenance
  • SentryHD Compatible
    Monitor and Manage via USB (Models 550/750/900)

Available Models

  • EN350 – 350VA (200W)
  • EN550 – 550VA (300W)