Original Image: Microlab – CABLE LOAD, 100W, 400-2700MHz,4.3-10-M, ROHS

Microlab – CABLE LOAD, 100W, 400-2700MHz,4.3-10-M, ROHS


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  • Microlab/FXR – 100W, Low PIM Cable Load, 4.3/10 Male

    Microlab TK-27 series of 100W Cable Loads are intended for wireless applications, when extremely low PIM, Passive Intermodulation, is required. A typical application is in terminating the unused port of a Hybrid Coupler used to combine different wireless signals. This is also offered as a discrete product in the CT series of low PIM hybrid combiners.

    For IEC 60950 compliance (surface temperature no greater than 90C) at full power at 55C ambient, air flow over the fins is required.

    • Very Low PIM
    • 100W average power
    • Low VSWR
    • Convenient Size
    • For indoor/outdoor applications
    • IP67 and RoHS compliant
    • Multiple Connector Options
    • SMA, N, 7-16 & 4.3-10