Original Image: Kaelus Triplexer 555-960/1695-2200/2300-2700

Kaelus Triplexer 555-960/1695-2200/2300-2700


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Triplexer 555-960/1695-2200/2300-2700

Kaelus world-proven outdoor solutions provide strong RF performance coupled with rugged operation. The TBC0038 provides the following features:


  • Enables feeder sharing of various technologies including but not limited to LTE700, LTE800, EGSM900, PCS, WCS, 1800, 2300TDD, 2100, 2600
  • Low insertion loss and high isolation
  • Autosense of DC/AISG allows operation at the bottom or the top of the tower
  • Low passive IM performance
  • Single or Twin Models Available