Original Image: Extreme Weather RET Cable Assembly R18‐0749‐20

Extreme Weather RET Cable Assembly R18‐0749‐20


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  • Extreme Weather RET Cable Assembly

    The Extreme Weather RET assembly is an integrated design where the connector and the cable are fused into one assembly, making this solution highly resistant to moisture, contamination, and corrosion.


    • The ONLY IP 68 rated RET connector available today!
    • A fused gasket sealed body will eliminate the chance of moisture running down the cable and seeping into the connector.
    • Gasket encapsulated contacts and gasket sealed mating face will eliminate the chance of moisture seeping into the connector.

    RF Specifications

    Frequency range  
    RF impedance  
    Insertion loss  
    Return loss  
    RF power handling  
    Passive intermodulation  
    RF to DC port isolation  

    Electrical Specifications

    Input voltage/current  
    Input protection  
    DC Voltage Rating  
    DC Current Rating  
    DC resistance DC input to feeder  
    DC resistance, AISG port to RF + AISG  
    Isolation, 698 – 2700MHz  
    DC pass  
    Return loss 2.076 to 2.276MHz  
    Insertion loss 2.076 to 2.276MHz  
    Output voltage/current  
    Output voltage  
    Output current  
    Input-output isolation  
    Alarm relay contact rating  

    Monitoring / Control

    Maximum output to AISG devices  
    Max number of AISG devices  
    Communication ports  
    Network interface  
    Network protocol  
    Relay alarm interface outputs  
    Relay alarm interface inputs  
    LED status indicators  


    RF Lightning and surge protection  
    DC/AISG Lightning and surge protection  
    Operating temperature range  


    DC input connector  
    RF connector to BTS  
    RF connector to antenna  
    Alarm connector  
    AISG connectors  
    DC output connector  


    Standard (included) Accessory 1  
    Standard (included) Accessory 2  
    Standard (included) Accessory 3  
    Standard (included) Accessory 4  
    Optional Accessory 1  
    Optional Accessory 2  
    Optional Accessory 3  
    Optional Accessory 4  
    Optional Accessory 5  
    Optional Accessory 6  

    Electrical Specifications

    Frequency Range na
    Impedance na
    VSWR / (Return Loss) na
    Power na
    Rated current 4 A (power supply) (at 50C)
    AISG Compatible V1.1 or V2.0

    Mechanical Specifications

    Dimensions H x D na
    Cable length M (ft) 20 (65.6)
    Finish na
    Connector 1 8 Pin – IEC 60130-9, female
    Connector 2 8 Pin – IEC 60130-9, male
    Tightening torque 0.5-1 Nm (0.36-0.73 lb/ft)

    Environmental Specifications

    Temperature Range -40 to 80C / -40 to 176F
    Protection class IP 68
    Flammability VL 1581 VW-1 CSA FT-1

    Connector Pinout diagram

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