Original Image: Comba – CRITICALPOINT 700/800MHZ Public Safety BDA

Comba – CRITICALPOINT 700/800MHZ Public Safety BDA


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Comba’s CriticalPoint Class A BDA is a 700MHz/800MHz single or dual band digital channelized repeater that was designed with public safety first responders in mind. Fully compliant with the IFC and NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), CriticalPoint’s BDA supports up to 32 channels per band (700MHz and 800MHz). Depending on the size of the building, the BDA is offered in two versions, a .5W or 2W of downlink power per band to accommodate smaller buildings. The channelized uplink squelch and channelized uplink AGC functions ensure minimum interference to base stations and optimizes communications quality.

It includes comprehensive alarming capabilities, which supports all NFPA and IFC required monitoring and alarming, and also provides local and SNMP based remote monitoring. The built-in signal generator and isolation testing function provide great convenience to system integrators during deployments. Finally, the unit can be ordered either AC or 48V DC powered, allowing for flexibility depending on the design of the system.

In addition, by utilizing Comba’s well-known high efficiency amplifier design, the BDA provides a very small footprint, light weight design, low electrical operating costs, and low UPS backup costs. Comba’s total vertical in house design and manufacturing capabilities, and supply chain management resources, ensures that the CriticalPoint BDA is a very affordable, reliable and state of the art.


  • Single or dual band configuration, 700MHz/800MHz
  • Supports up to 32 channels per band
  • 2W output power for each band. W version available.
  • Channelized uplink (AGC)
  • Channelized uplink squelch supported
  • Web based GUI for fast and easy configuration
  • Built-in mandatory isolation test to prevent BDA oscillation
  • NFPA compliant dry contact alarms, NEMA 4 enclosure