Original Image: Avigilon – ACC 5 Enterprise License for up to 1 Camera Channel

Avigilon – ACC 5 Enterprise License for up to 1 Camera Channel


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  • Avigilon Control Center (ACC) is an easy to use video management software, and has optimized how security professionals manage and interact with high definition video. As a distributed network platform with enterprise-class reliability, Avigilon Control Center is able to efficiently capture, manage and store high definition surveillance video while intelligently managing bandwidth and storage. Avigilon Control Center records and manages both video and audio from the Avigilon line of megapixel cameras (from 1 – 5 MP and 4- 7K based on horizontal resolution). ACC can seamlessly integrate with conventional analog cameras, along with a broad range of third-party IP cameras and encoders, giving you the ability to build a hybrid system – providing you with a budget-conscious migration from analog to digital. ACC software’s easy-to-use interface allows personnel to evaluate and respond to events with minimal training.


    • Collaborative investigations
    • Centralized system administration
    • Data protection and storage management
    • Integrated graphic mapping for system layout
    • HD recording and playback timeline
    • Bandwidth management and remote viewing
    • Bookmark and export HD surveillance footage
    • Advanced video search
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