What is PIM?

July 19th, 2018

PIM or passive Inter-Modulation is the result of two or more wireless signals mixing together to create additional, undesired frequencies that cause interference or degrade transmission of desired signals in wireless networks.

How does it affect a carrier?
All cell sites have PIM issues and have always had PIM. This was not an issue until carriers started pushing large amounts of voice and data over spread spectrum modulation systems and PIM levels started to reach the noise floor, effecting the coverage and capacity of cell sites.

How can a carrier combat PIM?
By installing factory PIM tested products (such as 100% PIM tested jumpers), ensure first rate installation procedures and training for installers and engineers.

How can Alliance combat PIM in your network?
Alliance can provide multiple lines of 100% PIM-tested products as well as facilitating training sessions for installers and engineers that provide proper installation techniques as well as understanding and finding PIM issues within their network.