The New Ethernet Extend for Connections up to 6 miles

September 8th, 2021

Delivering cost-effective, multi-gigabit mmWave capacity more than a few miles has been difficult. To address these challenges and deliver multi-gigabit connections up to 6 miles (10km) or more, Siklu introduces ExtendTM.

With “single click” simplicity, it is now possible to turn an EtherHaulTM Kilo product into a long-range link that delivers the capacity your network is demanding. As a result, Siklu’s ExtendMMTM solution delivers a long-range multi-gigabit connection that is both economical and easy to implement.

What is Extend and what does it offer?

  • Extend is a complete 10Gbps @ 10Km solution comprised of:
  • Integrated and easy to use, single click configuration, monitoring and control.
  • A powerful integrated networking engine.
  • Built in switch means running a single cable to the combined dual-link solution.
  • SmartHaulTM Apps, LBC & WiNDE, to support link performance review and network design.
  • And much more…