Siklu Promotions!

March 5th, 2020

PROMO: A P2P Multi-Gigabit long range link has never been so affordable!

Boost your existing microwave link capacity and range with Siklu’s ground-breaking ExtendMM™ Multi-Gigabit PROMO:

The EtherHaul™ 2500FX, Siklu’s leading mmWave 2Gbps link, is now being offered with a dual band (70/80GHz+5GHz) antenna, free ExtendMM™ license and a 5GHz backup link all for $4200! When combined with a 5GHz backup link ranges as far as 15km can be supported.

The EH-2500FX provides 2Gbps full-duplex capacity with extended range and high frequency re-use for accelerating broadband deployment in urban, suburban or rural areas. The carrier grade radio delivers wireless fiber performance, reliability and throughput, with low CAPEX.

Each long range EH-2500 point-to-point link comprises:

  • Operation over the lightly licensed abundant 70/80GHz band
  • Up to 15KM range
  • Two (2) EtherHaul™ 2500 ODUs
  • Two (2) Antennas:
  • A 1’ DL antenna included – $4200
  • A 2’ DL antenna included – $4400
  • Two POE Injector 60W
  • Two Mounting Kits
  • Two 2000 licenses
  • Two ExtendMM™ licenses
  • $250 (USD) credit towards the 5GHz link of your choice*

Contact your Alliance Corporation rep today!

* The offer is valid till the end of Q2
* No limit on number of links
* The promo is valid for the bundle link only: No special discount will apply on the ODU if not purchased with the full bundle components.
* $250 credit must be used within 30 days of Siklu promo bundle purchase