Rajant Machine-to-Machine Mesh Networks For Extended Range Wi-Fi

December 6th, 2023

Simply stated, Rajant Kinetic Mesh solves Wi-Fi problems. Unlike other options requiring expansive infrastructure, Rajant wireless networking helps automated and autonomous indoor systems maintain the continuous mobile connectivity that they need every day. With this unique “always-on” extended range network, indoor industrial enterprise operations can become smarter, more autonomous, and more mobile because the network itself is intelligent, self-optimizing, and uniquely able to support machine-to- machine (M2M) communications between equipment on the move.

Ensure Indoor-Wide, Extended Range Coverage

See how Rajant’s extended range network supports smart indoor industrial applications in warehouses, manufacturing, indoor farming, fulfillment centers, and more. Overcoming the connectivity challenges of Wi-Fi is what we do to maximize operational efficiency without downtime.

Proactively Optimize Equipment Health and Performance

The continuous mobile connectivity provided by Rajant Kinetic Mesh can provide telemetry to monitor equipment health dynamically. Supervisors can predict maintenance needs to minimize disruptions and downtime with proactive insight into the status and performance of machines throughout the operations, even as they roam the floor.

Telemetry from onboard sensors on automated or autonomous platforms is also needed to remotely guide these systems with the utmost accuracy, avoiding collisions or compromising safety. Kinetic Mesh ensures high throughput with low latency, providing the bandwidth required to support the tremendous input and output data volumes constantly being transmitted as it performs tasks.