Get the most out of your network with FreeWave Edge Free for a limited time*

November 21st, 2022

If you’ve suffered from lost data or low-quality data collection due to congested networks and
connectivity gaps, we’re here to offer you the FreeWave Edge data platform free*, for a limited time. Nomore worrying about spikes, drops or congestion.

Order SKU FW-LIC-EDP with one of the following FreeWave models and you will receive the FreeWave Edge license at no charge:

  • Fusion 900MHz & WiFi/BLE Bridge: FUSION-BR-WZ
  • ZumLink 900MHz Radio: Z9-P, Z9-PE, Z9-P2, Z9-PE2
  • ZumEdge 900 MHz Radio: Z9-IO-PE-ZE
  • ZumEdge Industrial Edge Computer: ZIQ-P. ZIQ-PE. ZIQ-P2, ZIQ-PE2

This offer is available through January 1st , 2023.

For a limited time, Get FREE FreeWave Edge licenses for any Fusion™, ZumLink® or ZumEdge™ eligible product orders.

With FreeWave Edge in place, you can get high speed edge polling, industrial protocol conversion, and data storage for higher quality data collection and guaranteed data delivery, no matter your connectivity challenges:

  • You can also retrieve real-time data from sensors and devices while also managing those sensors.
  • You can customize alerts for real-time operational knowledge and information to make better decisions for your network.

With support for industrial protocols like Modbus, ROC, ABB Totalflow, as well as Bluetooth sensors, and reporting via MQTT to whatever enterprise reporting system or cloud you prefer, FreeWave Edge delivers the data you need to run your business, faster and better than before.