Introduction to In-Building Public Safety Communications – New E-Book

February 11th, 2022

This e-book is the first part of a 3-part series that was written based upon 3 web-based training sessions Alliance Corporation hosted in the spring and fall of 2021 with our manufacturer partners, Comba and PCTEL.

Watch the webinar upon which this e-book is based.

This eBook is provides an excellent introduction to In-Building Emergency Responder systems.

The book covers the following:

  • ERRCS – The Basics
  • Key Acronyms within Public Safety
  • Why Deploy a Public Safety DAS?
  • Public Safety DAS vs Cellular DAS
  • Where is Public Safety DAS Used? 
  • Public Safety Frequencies 
  • Major Elements of a DAS Solution 
  • What Causes the Poor Public Safety Signal in the Building?
  • Grid Testing – Is this system going to work once installed?
  • How do I know if I need a system if the building has not been built?
  • What standards must be met? NFPA-72, NFPA-1221 and IFC
  • FCC – Devices Must Have FCC approval and the System Installation Must Have Consent
  • Best Practices for FCC Registration
  • FCC Part 90 Signal Booster Regulations
  • Elements of a Successful ERRCS Deployment
  • Conclusion – Keys to a Successful Deployment