How Embracing Drone Usage Can Transform Your Seaport Fortunes

July 17th, 2019

By: Chris Mason, business development, EMEA at Rajant

Whilst the military has been exploiting air-based drones for years as part of its efforts to improve safety, without affecting performance or facing increased cost, businesses and governments across the globe are beginning to realise the importance of drone usage and the opportunities it can bring forward. From agriculture to oil and gas to border control, these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have the ability and flexibility to be utilised in various markets, helping to improve the business’ results considerably.

As their use becomes more ubiquitous, so must the networks they run on because autonomy demands 365/24/7 connectivity. This is particularly essential for dynamic environments, such as seaports, where all assets including cargo, people, and vehicles are constantly on the move. In short, drones can only be as good as the supporting network infrastructure.


Drones are transforming the way organisations operate around the world. While most are prevalent in the military and defence industries, seaports are climbing up to the top of the list of sectors which can directly benefit from successful drone deployment.

Used across the entire supply chain, from container and cargo management through to data storage, logistics management, and national security, drones can be utilised effectively across various fields. The immense benefits that drones can provide have not gone unnoticed by companies so far and include improved navigation in smaller areas to aid ground-based port operations and to help navigate ships into ports…

Seaport operators can also maximize their potential by…

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