Get Ready for the New 5 GHz ePMP 4500 Pre-Order Yours!

April 4th, 2023

Cambium Networks introduces the new 5 GHz ePMP™ 4500 Series for network operators in the US and Canada. The ePMP 4500 Series is the fourth and latest generation in the field-proven and economically scalable ePMP product portfolio. 

With the ePMP 4500 Series, WISPs and other network operators can increase the speeds of their service offerings, reduce congestion on heavily loaded towers, and add more subscribers in a given geographical area. All of this can be accomplished with a low-risk ROI.

At initial launch, the ePMP 4500 Series is deployable in green-field environments with 4500 Access Points (AP) communicating to Force 4525 Subscriber Modules (SM). In a future software-only upgrade, these radios will support backward/forward compatibility with some previous-generation ePMP product lines.

The ePMP 4500 Series retains the benefits of the field-proven and economically superior ePMP platform:

  • Air interface designed for fixed wireless outdoor applications proven over 3 million radios deployed.
  • Scalable TDD interface with GPS synchronization.
  • Integrated SmartQoS for application layer traffic shaping and prioritization.
  • Planning with cnHeat and LINKPlanner.
  • Management with cnMaestro™ X.
  • 3-year warranty.

Some of the key technology advances with the 4500 Series include:

  • Higher speed, 3 Gbps per sector driven by higher order 1024QAM modulations
  • OFDMA at the PHY layer

The ePMP 4500 Series portfolio has the following products:

  • ePMP 4500 Access Point: 8×8 MU-MIMO AP with an integrated 90-degree sector delivering more than 3 Gbps.
  • ePMP 4500L Access Point: 2×2 MIMO AP offering high capacity and flexible connectivity with sector antennas and horn antennas.
  • Force 4525 Subscriber Module with an integrated 25 dBi dish antenna for long-range connections.