Introducing the AC-LINE

July 19th, 2018

Alliance is excited to introduce to our customers the AC-LINE, a highly competitive brand of cable accessories. Exclusive to Alliance, the AC-LINE is an excellent solution for your cable installation.

The AC-LINE range includes:

  • Adapters Line: Angle Adapters, Stand-Off Adapters, 3 Way Stand-Off Adapters, Clamps
  • Cable Support Line: Hose Clamps, Butterfly Hangers, Coax Blocks, Snap-in Hangers with Rubber Guards, Cushion Hangers, Hanger Inserts, Snap-In Hangers
  • Cable Entry Line: Entry Boots, Entry Boots Cushions, Cushion Plugs, Entry Panels
  • Grounding Line: Buss Bars, Buss Bar Hardware, Standard Ground Kits, Snap-On Ground Kits, Universal Ground Kits
  • Hoisting Grips, Weatherproofing Kits, Adapter Hardware Kits and Threaded Rod Kits.

Download the AC-LINE catalog or e-mail us or call for quotes.