Alliance partners with Solis Energy for Solar Power Solutions

July 19th, 2018

Alliance has partnered with Solis Energy as a master stocking distributor to provide and support their continuous outdoor power generation products, including remote solar power, continuous /UPS power products and street lamp light taps. These products are specifically engineered and built to support our customer’s power challenges at the edges of today’s ever expanding IP networks.

Critical infrastructure is the backbone of our economy. Whether telecommunications, transportation systems, law enforcement or oil and gas production and distribution, reliable power is imperative for all critical infrastructure segments.

‘Solis brings Alliance a strong portfolio of rugged, reliable outdoor power solutions. Daily, our customers are powering more and more remote devices where acquisition, maintenance, and condition of electrical power is the major challenge. The Solis line of products bridge those gaps.’ says Ron Moss, Vice President Sales, Alliance Corporation.

‘Since 2005, Solis has been providing products to markets including transportation, security, SCADA, and smart grid. To better meet demand and expand our customer base, we are excited to increase our fulfillment and sales capacity through Alliance Corporation,’ says Robert Reynolds, President Solis Energy. ‘Alliance Corporation has a long-standing reputation for providing their customers with unmatched sales excellence, customer service and support. We are pleased to grow with them to provide our customers with the most reliable and rugged outdoor power systems available.’

Infrastructure projects are about the system. If you don’t have power you don’t have a system.’ says Reynolds. ‘Strong distribution partners allow Solis Energy to support the increased demand from critical infrastructure sectors seeking dependable power.’

Solis Energy products are now in stock and available from all Alliance locations in Canada, Mexico and the United States with capable sales and technical staff ready to assist, please contact Alliance for your power design needs.

About Solis Energy

Solis Energy provides reliable outdoor power solutions specifically designed to keep critical applications powered and running. Power solutions include: Solar Power Plant to provide power to remote, outdoor locations, Uninterruptible Power Supply to provide emergency backup power, Continuous Power Bridge to power devices on gang-switched circuits, and Light Pole Power Tap to tap power from a street light, and. The company, based in Altamonte Springs, Florida, was founded in 2005. For more information, visit